Thursday, April 12, 2007

Commodity ETF , Now In Italy

ETF Securities to launch 31 Exchange Traded Commodities products in Milan

ETF Securities Ltd, which offers investors access to a range of commodities on multiple exchanges, said it is launching 31 exchange traded commodities (ETC) on the Milan stock exchange, following similar launches in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.

On the new listings, head of listings at ETF Securities Nik Bienkowski said: 'We are enabling investors to tap into the ever-increasing appetite for commodities and to trade easily and cheaply on a single platform.'

The launch of the ETCs on Borsa Italiana, where investor demand has prompted the bourse to create a new specific segment on the ETFplus market, will take place next week and comprise 21 individual securities and 10 index securities.

Among the 21 separate classes of commodity securities are aluminium, brent oil, coffee, crude oil, gold and sugar. The baskets of commodities indices include the ETFS Agriculture DJ-AIGCISM, ETFS Energy DJ-AIGCISM as well as ETFS Industrial Metals DJ-AIGCISM.

ETCs, like exchange traded fund (ETFs), enable investors to trade commodities through ordinary brokerage accounts and can be bought and sold the same day by investors on a regulated exchange in the same way as any equity.

Since Sept 2006, ETF Securities said that assets under management on these 31 ETCs have increased by about 200 pct to over 500 mln usd. The rapid growth in assets highlights the investor demand for easy access to new asset classes, it added.


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